QinetiQ go Hybrid @ DSEI

LIVE | QinetiQ

QinetiQ set the bar high at DSEI with a multi-layered delegate experience.

DSEI at the ExCel London is the UK’s premier defence event, connecting governments, thought leaders and the entire security supply chain on a global scale. For QinetiQ, a world leading centre of excellence for industry research and development, their presence at this event was highly important. As developers of cutting-edge technology and integrated solutions, discussion and demonstration of their innovative approaches was critical to the success of their presence at DSEI.

The Brief | Hybrid Interaction Available for All

DSEI presents a range of valuable opportunities for networking and QinetiQ wanted a suitable platform for business in both the physical and online space. The team challenged 2Heads to create a fresh, unique look to their global show programme which would be launched at DSEI and evolved into 2022. All guests, from virtual to live needed access to relevant content & in-action demonstrations so to feel part of the QinetiQ community. Interactive elements needed to be considered and intuitive so to strengthen relationships, share knowledge and allow guests to engage in QinetiQ’s latest capabilities.

The Solution | A Hybrid Product Immersion

To launch QinetiQ’s forward-looking approach, we developed a physical space focused on flow and shape. User journeys were planned around ergonomic shapes to channel guests towards six zones reflective of QinetiQ’s core offerings. Engagement awaited in interactive totems and physical models with the seamless touch to content approach working well. A software screen innovation, guests were able to seamlessly launch video assets as they dove deeper into a products capabilities.

We also built a ‘DSEI-twinned’ event on our proprietary software EventHive VX. Across the hybrid three days, we hosted QinetiQ’s online conference with experience design, production, broadcasting, motion-graphics, streaming, networking and video content creation to:

The Results | A Deeper Hybrid Connection.

Guests from over ten countries were able to join QinetiQ and their experts at DSEI regardless of time-zone and scheduling differences. The QinetiQ vision and range of capabilities was creatively delivered to stakeholders who experienced the event both physically and digitally. Conversations and interactions between team and guests hugely increased understanding and connections for the future. The touch to content application allowed a seamless deep dive into product offerings that represented a step change in how QinetiQ promote their capabilities and online, QinetiQ at DSEI also enjoyed 6000 engagements over 350 sessions with almost 1800 individual views of content and demonstrations

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